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By installing Solar you are choosing to live a more energy efficient lifestyle that will impact positively on your home or business.

The idea of going with Solar is to self- consume as much generated energy as possible to save buying it from the energy retailer, the additional bonus is of course being able to ‘sell’ any surplus energy back to the power company too.




Solar Energy is, when simply put, energy that is harnessed from the sun and turned into useable energy for the home or office.

Solar Panels turn the suns energy into a DC current which is then transformed into an AC current by a device called an Inverter. The Inverter is connected to a switchboard and the AC energy is distributed to the installation via that switchboard.

The concept is a very easy one. Once the panels are installed there are no moving parts, so maintenance is kept to a minimum. Only cleaning and basic servicing required on an annual basis.

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As energy prices continue to rise and Solar Panel solutions continue to improve and become cheaper to buy, more and more people are realising the true benefits of Solar Energy for their home.

By installing our Solar Panels you will have independence from power companies, potentially increase the value of your home or business and be able to rest easy knowing that through Solar Energy you have decreased your carbon footprint.

At the moment it only takes 5–8 years to make back upfront costs with electricity savings. 

System types:

Grid-connect. This system allows you to generate your own electricity, when you are generating more than you need at any time the excess is sent back to the grid and your electricity retailer buys this off you. If you need more than you are generating, you bring the extra in from the grid and your electricity retailer charges you for the additional power.

Hybrid. This system has a special hybrid inverter and battery storage. The batteries allow you to store some of your excess power to use at nighttime plus gives you some capabilities in the event of a power outage. Everything else works like a Grid-connect system.

Off Grid. This system has no connection to the grid and you solely rely on your solar panels, battery banks and most likely a back-up generator.

What system is right for you?

Auric Electrical are happy to discuss the benefits of each system type. All customers have different needs, expectations, and budgets so there is no “one size fits all”. Grid connect is a great starting point and the most common system type. However, as power prices increase so is the uptake of battery storage. If you’re not quite sure about batteries just yet, we can install a hybrid battery ready inverter for the future.

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