Loosnay - Fresh Air Energy Recovery

The Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house to remove damp, odours, dust, bacteria and gasses. This air is then replaced with allergen reduced fresh air from outside (unlike some systems that recycle it from the dust-filled attic). Where Lossnay gets really clever is with its environmentally friendly 'Energy Recovery' system. Put simply, energy within the stale air can be recovered and used to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air being vented in. So it warms the fresh air in winter, and cools it in summer. Lossnay ensures the air in your home stays fresher, cleaner and drier.

For a healthier home

Operational reports have shown that Lossnay’s filtering reduces the level of dust in your home - so there’s less need for dusting and general cleaning, which can only be a good thing! What’s more, lingering food smells are much more manageable, while constant fresh air circulation helps to minimise the buildup of moisture.


  • Heating / Cooling
  • Fresh outdoor filtered air
  • Humidity managed
  • High energy efficient
  • Energy recover heat exchanger

Combine an energy efficient heat pump with a ventilation system for a comfortable and healthy home... the best of both worlds. The Lossnay ventilation system recovers energy from stale air to heat incoming fresh air, thus reducing the amount of additional heat required. EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) has identified heat pumps as one of the most energy efficient forms of heating available.
With Mitsubishi Electric you can combine these benefits into one energy efficient ventilation and heating system controllable via one remote.

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