Daikin’s hot water heat pump air-to-water system creates an optimal room temperature for you and your family. Altherma is
available in heating only or reverse cycle (heating & cooling) options.
The heating system is located in your floor and heats up your home from the floor up, so you’ll feel the warmth on your feet. This heat then radiates upwards surrounding your entire body in warmth.

You enjoy a cozy temperature in just 3 steps;

  1. Heat pump extracts free low temperature heat from the ambient air
    2. The system raises the temperature of the recovered heat
    3. This warmth is then distributed throughout your home via heat emitters

The reverse cycle system satisfies your heating requirements but can also be used for cooling your home. This is done by simply reversing the heating process and extracting heat from the inside of you home and exhausting it to the outside to leave your home cool.



  1. Daikin's Altherma system utilises free heat from the ambient air to maintain ideal comfort conditions in your home. In addition, the inverter technology inherent in Atherma means your energy savings are even greater.
    2. Even in the coldest weather, the Altherma system is still able to extract heat energy from the ambient air. In the event there is insufficient heat in the outdoor air, Altherma is equipped with a backup heater to cover the shortfall.
    3. Daikin's Altherma solution provides for easy and flexible installation*. This system is ideal for new homes as the underfloor piping can be installed during the construction phase and for existing homes, the piping can be connected to radiators installed around the house.
    4. Altherma works without the need for oil, flammable gas (LPG, Natural) or other hazardous substances thus reducing the potential risks that these fuels can create. Furthermore, there is no need for a gas connection or a fuel tank.

How does it work?

Altherma uses a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat from the ambient air into your home. This is an efficient process for transferring heat energy as it only requires 1 kilowatt of electricity to pump 3 to 5 kilowatts of heat into your home. In other words, 66-80% of the heat energy produced by Altherma comes from the outside air and is free of charge.
To make this happen, there’s an indoor unit (hydrobox) and an outdoor unit, both of which needs to be professionally installed. Circulating between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is a refrigerant that absorbs heat energy from the ambient air and releases that heat energy into the indoor unit or hydrobox. A secondary heat exchange occurs within the hydrobox as the heat
absorbed is transferred to the underfloor reticulation circuit to distribute warmth into your home.
Additionally, if the hydrobox is connected to our domestic hot water tank as well, it is then possible for Altherma


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